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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 10, 2007

Hello to all my West Coast friends. Stuff after the jump...

"Dancing" is still recapping Monday night stuff as the second hour begins, giving itself an extra bumper from "Idol" before going into the results show.

Which of course begins with more recaps.

Leaderboard via judges: Joey, Apolo, Ian, Heather, Laila/Billy Ray, Leeza/John, Clyde. I'd expect Clyde to go tonight. And, as good as Joey and Apolo have been, I've been seeing Ian coming on strong -- no doubt thanks to his pairing with Cheryl Burke, the maker of champions.

Blah blah with the judges. Joey gets the encore dance. Big & Rich sing, four pro dancers dance, provocatively to say the least. (Haley Scarnato is probably making costume notes somewhere although, based on tonight's performance, she may not need them.) Drew Lachey joins in, with Burke, so she gets major screen time. Chat with contestants; Clyde says this is "not that hard," which has not been reflected in his dancing. Billy Ray says things are going to get difficult for him, since he has to go back to work on "Hannah Montana" tomorrow.

Studio-audience reactions from last night.

First two continuing to next round: Billy Ray. Apolo.

Cast of "Notes From the Underbelly" in audience. Real championship dance team performs.

Samantha announces her pregnancy, which she leaked to earlier. Chats with Billy Ray and Apolo and partners. LOTS of juggling references, with Tom saying he had about three lines that "were all career-enders."

Taped bit with Kimmel on the rumba. More Big & Rich. Judges on what makes a great dancer.

More actual results. Returning: Laila, Clyde. Proving me wrong once again, even though he was reallllly bad. But I should know better. Need I mention the singer currently laying waste to "American Idol"?

Taped segment on the pro dancers' roles.

More results. Joey's safe. Ian's safe. Leeza's in bottom two. Heather's safe. John's bottom two.

Then, of course, a break.

And finally ... Leeza gets sent home. But not before chattering on far longer than I am interested in hearing.

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