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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: May 22, 2007

Starting with a parade of all this season's contestants ...

(If you want to skip the whole recap, Apolo won! Joey second, Laila third.)

since they have to fill two hours with this thing. Oh, well, it's a warm-up for tomorrow's two-hour "Idol" finale. Billy Ray Cyrus had a move that was better than anything I saw him do in competition.

Recap. A history of "Dancing With the Stars," including the previous U.S. seasons. Group dance by the pros, part of the hype for the tour. More history of the show, with international clips. Pretty proud of themselves.

Big three introduced. Break. Final judges' round. Must do a previous dance Apolo/Julianne start, with a paso doble. Impressive but not as stunning as they were Monday night. Still, triple 10's from the judges.

Joey and Kym next. Tango again, still with the "Star Wars" schtick. Joey looks less comfortable than usual. Still, another set of triple 10s.

Laila and Maks go mambo. She is very good at this, better than she was in her Monday-night dances. And three more 10s.

Third-place announcement. Laila is out. l liked her, and she was really good at times, but Apolo and Joey were killer.

Performances by eliminated contestants from this season. Perfomances by more eliminated contestants. Kimmel. I am making quite a bit of progress through the new issue of Newsweek. OK, the Clay Aiken mustache bit was mildly amusing.

Tom chats with ousted contestants.

Side-by-side comparison of Joey and Apolo.

Chat with the former champs: Kelly Monaco, Drew Lachey, Emmitt Smith.

Apolo's journey. Joey's journey.

Champion announcement at last. Apolo wins!

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