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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: October 16, 2007

Indians and Boston scoreless as I begin this post, but I remain serene. "Dancing" results after the jump ...

Mel B
Now, on what dance planet was this a bottom-two performance?

(Floyd is sent home. Shock: Mel is other half of bottom two. Notes from during the show follow.)

The usual recap. Floyd, who seems in constant danger of ouster, declares ballroom dancing better than hip-hop dancing. More recapping, blah blah. Controversy over lifts revisited, with replays. Blah blah. Gotta fill the hour. Blah blah blah. Len is asked about the lift issue. He concedes that there were lifts and they are against the rules, and people will be penalized in the future. Which means squat about his scores last night, of course.

Scoring recap, in ascending order: Mark, Floyd, Jane/Marie/Mel, Cameron/Jennie/Helio, and Sabrina in the lead. Cameron gets the encore. Zzzzz.

Scheduled guest Gloria Estefan is not appearing for "personal reasons." Instead, the house band performs a Gloria Estefan song! Pros dance along. Did I mention that they have to fill an hour?

More of those dubious audience-reaction comments.

First results. Sabrina safe, duh. Cameron safe.

Wayne Newton, Cheryl Burke, Drew Lachey backstage. NO!

Jimmy Kimmel bit. Still no score in Indians-Red Sox. Samantha chats with Cameron and Sabrina backstage and manages not to fall out of her dress. Choreographer Wade Robson performs. Cute. But I can imagine the judges treating this frostily if a contestant tried it. Good thing it's a sponsored segment, huh?

Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke perform while Wayne Newton sings "Danke Schoen." Once again I am reminded how good it was that there were no closeups when I saw him in Vegas. Also, he sounds like crap tonight.

Segment about partnership. More results: Mark safe, Floyd bottom two.

Casey Blake homers. Indians lead 1-0. Ah, serenity.

More backstage chat, with Mark and with Mel. Taped segment about fear.

More results: Jennie and Helio safe. Indians lead 2-0.

After a long commercial break, more results: Marie safe, Mel bottom two, Jane safe.

CA expresses shock of Mel's standing. Len says Floyd can improve. Bruno says of those two, Mel should be safe.

Floyd is out. Smiling before it's announced. He knew what was coming. Or maybe he's an Indians fan. They now lead 3-0 and are still batting.

And, in the time it took me to find a photo for this post, they made it 6-0. Bring on the Rockies.

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