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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: November 13, 2007

Notes after the jump ...

And so it ends ...

Helio and Marie got saved early. (I've been watching "House" until the last few minutes.) Clearly Marie got a sympathy ride. So we're down to Jennie, Mel B and Cameron.

Mel is safe. As she should have been.

Jennie and Cameron remain. The show says they're not necessarily the bottom two but one is going home.

Cameron is out.

I wasn't crazy about his work this week. Over the long haul I preferred him over Marie in particular, but I can't complain too much (especially with the show being hazy about who else was in the bottom two. I am betting it was Marie again, although she does have an ardent voting base.)

But there's been a lot of talk that the show wants a woman to win this year, and they're sure headed that way: Helio the lone man left, and Jennie, Marie and Mel on the other side. Then again, if I was picking a final two right now, it would be Helio and Mel.

Then again again, if I had gotten to pick a final two, it would probably have Sabrina in it.

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