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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 8, 2008

Short notes after the jump. ...

(Summary: Adam Carolla is out.)

Fast-forwarding through Sheryl Crow and the recaps. Intro of the judges. Len says each wanted a different couple for the replay dance -- but for sheer entertainment, they all agreed on Carolla. The show is working so hard at keeping him around. Fast-forwarding through that, and more stuff.

Leaderboard. The first two couples safe in no particular order: Jason/Edyta and Kristi/Mark. Well, they were the dominant teams.

Kiddie competition. 9 and under. First couple. If nothing else, they're better than Carolla. Bergeron gets on his knees to talk to them. The judges, needless to say, are kind. Then another couple. I am taking a break.

I am back and the judges are going to say one set of kids is better than another. But first, the kids get a big peek at Samantha's cleavage as she goes down on her knees to talk to them, too. One set of kids wins. I don't care.

Sheryl Crow performs again. With dancers. Clip reel about the fabulousness of the pro dancers.

And another safe couple: Marlee and Fabian. As well they should be.

Chatter with Kristi and Jason and partners.

More safe couples: Cristian/Cheryl and Mario/Karina.

More: Priscilla/Louis are bottom two. Shannon/Derek safe. Adam/Julianne are bottom two. So Marissa/Tony are safe.

Len says it would be terrible if Adam went because he is so entertaining. Bruno wants to keep Priscilla because of her Hollywood glamour. Carrie Anne says Priscilla is the better dancer than Adam.

But Adam is out. Yay! In spite of the show's attempt to buttress him, enough's enough.

And I am out, too.

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