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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 22, 2008


In-progress notes after the jump. ...

(Marlee Matlin is out.)

Opening. Everyone's in the western gear again. Recap. Reprise of the western dance. Much sloppier than last night.

Hype for the 100th-episode celebration in two weeks. Ashlee Simpson sings. I suppose I should look for a baby bump but that would require me to sit here and watch her. Taking a break instead.

OK, I'm back. Could hear her from the other room anyway. Didn't feel as if I was missing anything. Get Samantha over there to grill her the way Samantha grilled Shannon and Derek.
No? Oh, well.

Scoring recap. Results. Shannon and Derek are safe. Marlee and Fabian are in the bottom two.

Interviews. Shannon apologizes for a tantrum she had in the confessional after getting results.

Riverdance performs.

Young dancers, this time from the 13 and under category. Oh, I am so snoring. Not that the dancers are bad. Just that I don't care. I want some results, and to move on.

More results. Marissa and Tony are safe. Bleh. Cristian and Cheryl are safe.

Could Jason be bottom two? He led off last night and was not impressive.

Kristi and Mark safe.

Jason and Edyta safe. Mario and Karina in bottom two. If Marlee doesn't go home at this point, it will be bad.

Marlee's out. She had some really good weeks in the early going, but the last couple have not been strong. Oh, well.

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