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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: May 6, 2008


I've recorded the first hour of the 100th-show celebration but am skipping it tonight to focus on results in the second hour. Notes after the jump. ...

(Results: Mario is out. It's really a shame. He has gotten an unnecessarily hard time from the judges -- especially Len -- and didn't seem to get that strong a fan base either. I would have kept him around and let Marissa Jaret Winokur or Cristian de la Fuente go. But, as I said in last night's post, the show has embraced de la Fuente beyond all dancing reason because his injury makes him a compelling story. Marissa, I guess, is attracting votes from people who admire her improvement and her personality, even though I find the latter very annoying. And no way was she a better dancer than Mario on Monday night.

(And now to my in-progress notes during tonight's show. ...)

Intro of second hour, pro dancers perform to "Hard to Handle," recap. (My thoughts: Marissa is best bet to go home but Mario could be in trouble. I was nowhere near as impressed by Cristian as the judges, but his score was so high I will be surprised if he gets the boot.) Interesting that Rascal Flatts is supposedly performing live, since they were just in the audience at "Idol."

Introduction of 100 "special fans," two from each state. Samantha chats with the final five. Rascal Flatts performs. Could it be a technological miracle? Apolo and Julianne dance. The Rascal Flatts Web site mentions the "DWTS" appearance but not the drop-in at "Idol."

"Sex and the City" trailer. I'll see it, but I'm still not enthusiastic.

Chatter with former cast members. Leaderboard recap. Bergeron asks Len who will go home; he says the people in the bottom three -- which would be Mario, Jason or Marissa.

More memorable moment stuff. Stars of Dance performance: Mario Lopez and the cast of "A Chorus Line." Quite a few cast members still there from when the bride, Target Demo and I saw it in NYC last fall.

Rascal Flatts again. I have long liked "Life is a Highway," but not their version. Mel and Maks dance. So good. Samantha chats with Kelly Monaco, Apolo Anton Ohno and Drew Lachey about possible winners this season. Two for Kristi, one for Cristian. Rumor has it they'll announce some results after the break.

Current contestants talk about what they learned from former contestants. Kristi cites Joey Fatone. Marissa cites Mel B. Mario talks up Mario Lopez. Jason mentions Emmitt Smith. Cristian goes with Helio Castroneves. So only Jason and Cristian mention actual winners.

Actual results: Marissa is safe. Kristi is safe. Chatter with Marissa and Kristi.

Interesting that in "shocking moments" they're now talking about the Sabrina Bryan ouster. Could Jason be going home?

More result: Cristian is safe. Well, heck, the fix was in for that.

Mario is out. But the show has been careful not to say that Jason was in the bottom two.

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