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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: May 13, 2008


In-progress notes apres the jump.

(Marissa and Tony are out. Kristi and Mark, Jason and Edyta, and Crisitian and Cheryl are in the finals.)

Recap. Long recap. Commercials. Leaderboard. Encore dance: The tango by Kristi and Mark. Kiddie dancers. Chatter. More waiting. Cristian actually says "it's about the journey." Omarion and dancers in tribute to Michael Jackson and "Thriller." The high point is the entrance of bankers threatening to sell Neverland. I know, he avoided the foreclosure sale. But I'm really bored.

More kiddie dancers. Stop the madness! Well, it is kind of funny to hear these kids mouth reality-show cliches like "my life has definitely changed." And that they're dancing to a They Might Be Giants song ("Istanbul"). More kids. How about some "Birdhouse in Your Soul"? No? Oh,well. Good couple, better than a lot of the grownups on the show.

Still more filler with the kids. Video of the adults in the final four, attempting to build the drama that has been squashed by the stuff we've been sitting through for 49 minutes.

Results at last. Kristi and Mark are in the finals.

More results: Jason and Edyta are also in.

Finally: Marissa and Tony out, Cristian and Cheryl move on.

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