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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: March 24, 2009

Notes of relevance after the jump. ...

Much blah blah, recap, note that Woz had the lowest score in six seasons of the show (see my previous post for more about his performance), double-elimination show next week, and then "in no particular order" the first four safe couples.

Melissa, Gilles, Shawn and .... Woz? What madness this? First three are no-brainers, but Woz was unquestionably the worst of the lot on Monday. Are we talking about a massive sympathy vote because of that low score? Or is he really the standard-bearer of computer aces everywhere, and they in turn will know how to work a vote?

Samantha with the four safe. Woz is "more shocked than any time in my life except maybe when I was served divorce papers." Says he's "going to keep trying to entertain."

Four more safe stars: LT, David Alan Grier, Chuck, Lil' Kim. Leaves Ty, Holly, Denise and Steve-O.

Cloris Leachman. No! No! Haven't we suffered enough?

Hall and Oates perform "Maneater." And I keep having this fear that Cloris will join them. No, just real dancers. Which serves, yet again, as a reminder of how good the dancers are when they don't have to work with celebrities.

Adele sings. I have a song of hers on my iPod, but I think it was a free download. Still, I haven't deleted it.

Dance-off set-up. Steve-O is safe. And I kind of feel sorry for him, since it gives him another week to injure himself.

Holly is bottom two. Ty is safe. So it's Denise. I'll be fine with either Denise or Holly going home. Just wish I didn't have to sit through a dance-off first.

Holly dances first. Still bad. Len thought she was "really hot" tonight but noted a mistake. Bruno says "you have no worries about the hotness" but says she needs to work on her timing. Carrie Ann says "you bring a party atmosphere" and she kept her foot on the ground, which she hadn't done last night. Scores: Straight 6's. 18 is one better than what they got the night before.

Denise. Possibly worse than last night. And after extra rehearsal. Bruno says she has improved "leaps and bounds" but says she tends to disconnect in the middle of the performance. CA says she is good under pressure and "great job." Len says she proved she deserves to stay. Rubbish. Scores: 6 from CA, 7 from the others. 20, up from 16 last night. Some confusion about the scores, and what Carrie Ann wrote on a piece of paper vs. what she had on her paddle. But once it is determined that 20 is the total, nothing is settled, since they have to factor the new scores in with viewer voting, and I am not going to revisit the nightmare that is the way they calculate the combination of viewer and judge votes. You can find it here.

And ... finally ... Denise is going home. And somewhere Charlie Sheen is high-fiving Heather Locklear. Kind of funny that they use "She's Gone" as the closing music.

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