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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 14, 2009

As should be evident from my late post about "American Idol," below, I am having some trouble juggling everything tonight because I am trying to get a package ready for a class tomorrow in addition to my usual Tuesday viewing. But I did catch the end of "DWTS" and have some comments about the results after the jump. ...

Didn't watch much of the padding around the results. Heard Rascal Flatts doing "Revolution," an odd thing and utterly unnecessary. And saw Carmen Electra, well, I suppose it was dancing, but it was dancing of a sort that from a contestant would have prompted almost immediate elimination.

But how can I seriously argue with the results? Yes, Steve-O was excessively criticized by two of the judges last night. But as affable as Steve-O was, he was way out of his depth with the remaining dancers; everyone who was an arguably worse dancer was already gone from the show. I could argue to keep him around on personality points, since he seemed much more affable than Ty (who was stuck with Steve-O in the final elimination, even as the show made clear that was "not necessarily" the bottom two). As I've said before, Ty looks as if he would say "thank you" when sent home because this is just an agonizing experience for him. Then again, I would keep Ty over Chuck Wicks, known here as The Contestant I Keep Forgetting.

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