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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: October 6, 2009

In progress notes, after the jump ...

Tom DeLay drops out after being declared safe by the judges. The show invites him to come back to perform a Texas two-step. But, "in fairness," the show will still eliminate one more couple.

Chuck (who got the encore dance, and was lousy) is safe. Michael Irvin in jeopardy. Mya safe, Natalie safe, Joanna in jeopardy.

Queen Latifah performed, not impressive, but good dance accompaniment by Cheryl and Maks. Cheryl is now done, since DeLay dropped out. Omen that Maks will also be done?

Donny safe. Louie safe. Mark (who got badly dogged by the judges) safe. Aaron in jeopardy.

If my notes seem a little erratic, I am also watching the Tigers-Twins game on my laptop while typing about the show. And it's a heckuva game.

In the show's "dream couple" vote, Sabrina Bryan is the celeb winner. Nice deal. She was voted out way too soon during her season, and Bergeron recalls what a surprise it was.

Jabbawockeez performs, but I didn't see much. Baseball, y'all.

Twins win in 12th. I remember sitting next to some Detroit fans at an Indians game in Cleveland during the summer and wishing them luck in the playoffs. Looked dead cert then. Now, well, Queen Latifah seems to be singing for the Twins as she performs "Ease on Down the Road.

Debi in jeopardy. Kelly, safe. Melissa Joan, safe.

The four in jeopardy: Michael, Debi, Joanna, Aaron.

Joanna is safe, Aaron safe.

Len is asked which of Michael and Debi should keep dancing. He says there is great potential in each but doesn't answer the basic question.

Michael is safe, Debi's out. No big surprise.

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