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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: November 24, 2009

Snarg. Notes and spoilers after the jump. And after you see the results, if -- like me -- you need cheering up, try this:

After the judges went completely in the bag for Donny Osmond during the final dance tonight, I told the bride that he was going to win. (I also noted the pro-Donny tilt in a Twitter/FB post about that time.) And he did win, to my regret.

He was not the best dancer of the season, or even of the last two nights. That was Mya. But Mya failed to seal the deal on Monday when her free-style was tepid, and the door was open for the judges to give Donny unreasonably high scores on Monday in order to keep the competition close enough that viewers would feel their votes counted. Tonight, in a final dance, the judges again placed Donny ahead of Mya -- which sure isn't the way it looked to me -- but it was looking at that point as if Donny's victory had been decided.

That said, I am not going to pretend there was some huge violation of the purity of "Dancing With the Stars" at work here. It's a show, and the producers will massage events to create more drama. And people vote for dancers they like, much the same way "American Idol" fans will vote for singers they like even when it's clear someone else is a much better vocalist.

I have repeatedly admitted I liked Kelly Osbourne as a person, and that made me want her to stay on the show even if that meant technically better dancers had to go home. I am pleased that she finished third, and do not believe she deserved to place higher than that.

I am still puzzled that viewers and judges together would determine that Brooke Burke should win in her season and Gilles Marini should lose in his. I think Lance Bass and Sabrina Bryan deserved better than they got. But this is where the votes fell. I don't like it, but it's neither the first nor the last election result I won't like.

On other points, I didn't watch most of the filler that consumes two hours leading up to the results but did hear a little of Whitney Houston, on the comeback trail. Not nearly at her best; she sounded especially ragged on her first song and didn't give "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" the oomph that originally made it memorable pop.

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