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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 6, 2010

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Well, Kate dodged another bullet with the voters, not even landing in the bottom two. Instead, Buzz and Jake had the two lowest slots, and Buzz has been sent home.

Although the audience booed his ouster, Buzz was the worst dancer in the competition. That said, Kate was second worst, while Jake was much better than she was. I don't know if Kate is being saved because of a "vote for the worst" cult, because she's so irritating that she's entertaining (and her "paparazzi" routine on Monday was accompanied by incredible self-righteousness for someone who loved fame as long as it benefited her), or that she has held onto a fan base. Or that it's a combination of all those factors.

At least Nicole is still safe. I'm not a fan of Derek, her partner, who over time has become ever more an arrogant snot. But she's far and away the best dancer on the floor right now, and the judges' Claude Rains-like indignation at Derek/Nicole breaking rules felt more like an attempt to keep them from running away with the competition.

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