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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 20, 2010

After the jump, some happy notes.

Kate's gone.

Kate's gone.

Kate's gone!

As well she should be. Worst dancer by far on Monday night, and I am still amazed she lasted this long. Earlier today, in fact, I was fearing that Ochocinco, not impressive this week, would be going home because Kate had dodged elimination so much -- and was presumably benefiting from crazy things like George Lopez's campaign on her behalf. But Ocho wasn't even one of the last two onstage (instead, Kate and Pamela Anderson awaited final judgment). And Kate. Is. Gone.

And I at least partly credit Nicole and Evan, who are miles ahead of the other competitors right now. When the show arranged the order on Monday so that Kate was followed by Nicole and Evan, it was if they were saying, "We know some of you like Kate. But whatever it is she does, it's not dancing. Dancing is this thing that Nicole and Evan do so well." And the contrast, so close together, could not be ignored.

Or maybe it was just the fates. I don't care. I am just glad to be rid of Kate's crappy dancing, bad attitude and sour expressions. (I cannot remember a contestant who looked nasty so much.) And she was obviously disliked; at the end of the show, it looked as if the other contestants just wanted her gone -- and even when Bergeron called for a group hug, no one seemed in a hurry to offer one.

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