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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: April 27, 2010

Notes after the jump. ...

Jake and Niecy were the bottom two, and Jake is taking his man-cleavage home. Fine by me. I wasn't a fan of the guy, and he wasn't that great a dancer. We might argue that he was little better than Niecy, but I'm not convinced that was the case, especially when you consider the performance as more than just dancing. Niece is a better performer overall. And I didn't buy Jake's little crying jag one bit.

That said, it was an odd week, especially with the judges dogging Evan so much on Monday. But that's par for the course at this point; the show doesn't want it to be a runaway Evan/Nicole faceoff yet, which would diminish viewer enthusiasm and depress the vote, so we start seeing them come up with reasons to suggest there's some doubt about the outcome.

Although right now, it sure looks as if it's Nicole's game to lose.

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