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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: September 21, 2010

Spoilers after the jump.

Hasselhoff's out. Below, in progress notes.

With an hour and lots of entertainment scheduled, it looks as if "DWTS" is streamlining the eliminations. (Are you paying attention, "American Idol"?) Starting with the four lowest scorers from last night, which appears to mean lowest with judges' and viewer votes combined: Bolton, Cho, The Situation (who already looks ticked) and 'Hoff.

Bolton declared safe and so gets another week of dancing with a much younger partner.
Cho safe. Good. I like her.
Hoff and Sitch still in jeopardy. Will find out later, as Bergeron says, " 'cause we have an hour to fill."

Adam Carolla tries to be funny. Fails. I hit fast-forward.

Daughtry does Daughtry music.

Oops. Apparently the low scorers were just from the judges. Robo-Brooke talks to some of the high (judges) scorers backstage, noting that one of them might go home. This is really boring. And I take back what I said about streamlining.

Although it is a good idea.

Bergeron chats up Grumpy Len. He says this was perhaps the best first week the show has ever had.

Now we have Grey, Massey, Fox and Brandy. Grey and Fox are declared safe.

Santana and India.arie do "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Dully. Although I might like this if it was 1975. In a big arena with iffy sound. And I was drunk.

Robo-B with the four remaining: Audrina, Florence, Kurt, Bristol. So dull, I think the Brookie dozed off during one of her own questions. I know I almost did.

Bergeron introduces a taped bit so they can wake the contestants and get them to the stage. Finally, the remaining four.

Audrina and Florence are safe.

Bergeron says losing any of the remaining six would be a loss to the show. I think not.

Santana and Chris Daughtry do "Photograph." So now I'm waving a beer bottle, screaming and trying to stand up on my folding chair. Or just stand up.

Daughtry says he's rooting for Bolton because Bolton danced to one of his songs last night. Carlos S gives props to Kurt Warner.

Taped bit of pros reflecting about someone going home first.

By the way, much as I like Lacey Schwimmer, I am not much for the new blonde 'do.

Tease for the results, with Brooke saying it's going to be quite a shock. Not that you could tell from her intonation. Please, please, please, get a better co-host!

Brooke feigns enthusiasm while talking to the last six. Bergeron says there may be a shocker in our immediate future. The final six ...

Brandy is safe.
Palin is safe.

More teasing, then a break.

Remaining four. Kurt's safe.
The Situation is safe. Are you kidding me? Hoff and Kyle Massey remain. If Hoff's not going home, this will just suck.

OK, Hoff's gone. Some justice in the world. Bergeron says this is the biggest surprise he's seen of the first one to leave. I suppose. I thought The Situation was in the biggest trouble, but Hasselhoff was not only bad, he was bad closing the show.

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