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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: October 5, 2010

Notes after the jump.

I had some other work commitments tonight, so I only watched the last couple of minutes of the show. Will be checking later for the latest Bruno-Bolton meeting. (Updated: Saw it. Funny how they kept putting the camera on Bruno, but never had the two talk. Hard feelings still, it appears. But Bolton, not to my singing taste generally, was especially awful with that overdone "Hallelujah."

Was bummed that Margaret Cho was sent home. I would have kept her longer than Bristol Palin or The Situation. But I also acknowledge that part of my reasoning has to do with how I feel about the contestants.

I like Cho, her comedy and what she stands for. (The tattoos, not so much.) The Situation strikes me as a largely useless human being as well as being a bad dancer. Palin is neither a significant presence on the dance floor or someone with, based on the show, much discernible personality. She is as buttoned-up as her outfits. So, dance considerations notwithstanding, I looked forward much more to Cho than to those folks.

On the other hand, I like Kyle Massey and am very impressed by Audrina Patridge. Carrie Ann said on this week's performance show that Patridge was making the competition interesting (apparently meaning that Jennifer Grey wasn't going to run away with it), but that was evident a week ago. And I like that we don't have a runaway.

I could gripe about the judges again, but there's an opportunity for that every week, so I will save my ire for now. Or for the video Lynne Sherwin and I will be shooting tomorrow.

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