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"Dancing With the Stars" Results

By admin Published: May 3, 2011

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Goodbye, Kendra. You weren't going to win, and it was about the time for you to go. I was ready to say goodbye to you or Kirstie, and still find Kirstie more unlikable, but I will take this for now.

"In jeopardy," besides Kendra, were Kirstie and Chelsea. But since the show always puts a "not necessarily" the lowest scorers around the "in jeopardy" people, I have to think that Chelsea was a ringer, especially when Kirstie was declared safe before she was.

That leaves, not "in jeopardy," Hines, Romeo and Ralph. My colleague and video partner Lynne Sherwin today pondered the possibility of the final three being all men -- and that may explain the relatively rough treatment Romeo got on Monday night, to jettison one of the men and so guarantee at least one woman in the final three. Right now, I'd think the show will get that anyway, with the final three likely to be Hines, Ralph and Chelsea, which I would think would yield a final two of Hines and Chelsea -- and either with a shot at winning. But I am getting many dances ahead of myself.

Also, Chelsea will plainly have an uphill battle with Len, as was indicated in tonight's recap of conversations between Len and Mark, and Mark's insistence on putting some changes into the dances even if they irk Len; it would appear that, given Len's historic like of too-pop/modern young dancers, Mark has decided that he and Chelsea will simply play directly to the voting audience with exciting routines and hope the popular vote keeps them competitive -- with some extra help if they can bring Carrie Ann and Bruno to their cause.

But, as I said, getting ahead. For now, I'll settle for getting Kirstie out next week.

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