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"Dancing With the Stars" Results, "Glee"

By admin Published: April 26, 2011

Notes after the jump.

Chris Jericho gets sent home. Had a bad night but I still would have sent home Kirstie or Kendra first. The final two to get the results were Chris and Ralph, but with a "not necessarily" notice about whether this was the bottom two.

Other elements of the show:

Pia Toscano performed "I'll Stand By You." She has the same problem that she did on "Idol" -- fine-sounding voice and no real character or depth of emotion. Go back and listen to Chrissie Hynde sing this, and hear the intensity of emotion trump any technical issues. I hate that this song has been turned into some kind of cheeseball anthem by mediocre singers manufacturing emotion.

The New Kids/Backstreet reunion gang performed twice. This to me was the best demonstration of guilty pleasure this week; too often, the songs on Monday night did not qualify on the guilty score -- but aging boy-band stars doing fabricated but irresistible pop? Had to smile.

As for "Glee," the show is just wheezing at this point. Ninety labored minutes of making the same point over and over that the show has made before: Love yourself, don't ever change, fear not peer pressure, blah blah blah -- unless you have a debilitating mental illness. It was touching the first million times they did it, but now it's just tiresome. Nor were the musical numbers all that good. I'd get off the "Glee" bus but I keep thinking it can get better -- or maybe I'm just transitioning it to a guilty pleasure. Only there's not much pleasure.

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