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"Dancing With the Stars" Results Notes

By admin Published: April 12, 2011

Not whom I would have sent home first . . .

Which is not to say that Sugar Ray Leonard had a chance at winning this thing; he has not been good and was going to be sent home eventually, so why not tonight? Well, because he was better than either Kendra or Kirstie, both of whom survived another week, even though neither is a good dancer and both are getting ever more annoying. I have liked Kendra, but not this week, especially not when she proved unable to consistently pronounce "Viennese." She kept wanting to make it two syllables. And Kirstie's bad dancing is getting too many free passes in the face of mishaps (falling down a week ago, shoe coming off this week). Even if you accept the nonsensical argument that she showed grace under pressure a week ago -- which should not offset FALLING DOWN DURING A DANCE -- she showed none of the same this week. And I'd have given her a 4 based on that hideous dress alone.

By the way, the "in jeopardy" final three -- Petra, Chelsea and Ray -- was a joke, and a reminder of the way the show likes to say "not necessarily" about the remaining dancers being the actual bottom two or three. As with "Idol," I would much prefer that they just show voting results somewhere, so we can see how close or not-close a competition is, In any case, this week it seemed highly unlikely that either Petra or Chelsea would go home, even though Petra was not good last night. As bad as she was, the judges love the leggy ladies too much, and some of that carries over to the audience. And Len's hate-the-young-and-different attitude re Chelsea and Mark not only goes against her being one of the best dancers on the show (this week the top three were Hines, Ralph and Chelsea in some kind of order) but it may actually be encouraging people to vote for Chelsea because she and Mark don't think a 300-year-old dance has to be done in powdered wigs.

And on we go. Look for me jabbering some more tomorrow at 6:45 a.m. on WEWS (Channel 5) and later in the day on, once Lynne Sherwin and I have recorded our weekly "DWTS" chat.

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