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"Dancing With the Stars" Results Notes

By admin Published: April 19, 2011

Running a little late -- caught up on last night's "Hawaii Five-O" and "Chicago Code" before watching that AWFUL
"Glee" episode but catching up on "Dancing" soon enough. Notes after the jump.

(Summary: Petra is out. "In jeopardy" were Kirstie, Chris and Petra; Kirstie was told she was safe first.)

First results: Hines and Kirstie. Hines safe. Kirstie in jeopardy.

Romeo gets the encore dance.

Toby Keith performs; pro dancer falls during the routine. Looks as if she was dancing with Maks. Is he cursed this season? Bergeron indicates he was dancing with Lacey.

Chatter with contestants.Next week's theme: guilty pleasures. These theme nights have been a bad idea. Romeo trying to do some kind of "Scarface" impression, not successfully.

Recaps of Chris, Romeo, Chelsea. Results: Chelsea safe. As is Romeo. Chris in jeopardy.

Cheesy "comedy" sketch. Very long, too.

Back to Brooke, who has a lot of trouble with the word "choreographer," and Bergeron introducing the Macy's-tied NYC dance number which were promised would transform the set into New York. And it has just as much as prom decorations make a gym look like Paris. Dancers good, routine monotonous.

Chatter with Ralph, Petra, Kendra. Video recaps. Results: Ralph safe, Kendra sage, Petra in jeopardy.

I love the shots of a very not-interested Toby Keith waiting to perform.

So convenient that an audience member gave Len a mug with a Disney character on it.

Toby Keith performs again. Took a break to move the glass-topped patio table back in the shed. Reports of possible hail.

Back in time for the judges to discuss the contestants on video. Blah blah blah.

More results? Naw, just a tease leading into a break.

Results: Kirstie safe. Blah. Len calls it "madness" that Chris and Petra are still in jeopardy.

Petra out. Chris safe.

Oh, and next week Pia from "American Idol" will sing while Mark, her alleged new boyfriend, dances. And I am out.

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