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"Dancing With the Stars": The Finals

By admin Published: November 24, 2008

Looks as if it's done, and the judges have completely tilted the competition toward one couple. ...

Which is, of course, Brooke and Derek. I have had a lot of reservations about the judges' babbling over Brooke this season, but never more so than tonight. Best freestyle ever? EVER? It had flaws, the triple 10s notwithstanding, and I still wouldn't rank it better than, say, Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke. (Their dance is over on YouTube. See for yourself.) And all those best-ever declarations made it that much more difficult for the other two couples.

Except Warren and Kym got yet another free pass from the judges based on personality more than dancing. Len, who has dogged Lance and Lacey about technique throughout the year, dropped a 10 on Warren and Kym. Even though he qualified it as being for entertainment rather than dancing, it was a gift -- and Len's last slap at Lance and Lacey, who now might end up in third place overall.

Alas, while Lance and Lacey have been my favorite couple, they did not close the deal on the freestyle. They were better a week ago. Not as bad as the judges' assessment suggested -- L&L were still better than W&K. But, barring a big outpouring of viewer votes, probably not good enough to win.

This honks me off considerably because L&L have fought an uphill battle with the judges, and especially Len, all season. And there was no overcoming that best-ever bull tonight.

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