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"Dancing With the Stars": The Results Show

By admin Published: September 26, 2007

Will Floyd get jobbed? Will Sabrina sail through? Live post after the jump ...

Voters helped save Floyd. Josie's gone. As is right. She couldn't even come up with a decently insincere farewell comment. Alec urges that their votes now go to Cameron and Edyta. (Edyta and Alec are married.)

Josie Maran
Blog as the show progressed follows. ...

Recaps to start with. (Hey, we have to fill an hourrrrrrrr.) I still think the judges were on point about the women, and off the mark with the men. (See previous posts.) Discussion among the DWTS Watchers at work was in general agreement.

Julianne Hough looks almost orange in HD.

Chatter with the judges. Len calls this the best start to any season. Sabrina gets the encore dance. Not as startling as Monday -- since we've seen it before -- but still very good.

Leaderboard, in ascending order: Josie, Floyd, Wayne, Jennie/Marie/Cameron/Albert/Mark, Jane/Mel B., Helio, Sabrina. Sabrina had highest-ever first show score, they say.

First saves: Sabrina, Jennie.

Dolly Parton performs. Such a distressing face. "9 to 5," looking lip-synched. Lord knows she has enough lip. Dance-along by four pros.

Backstage chat. Drew Lachey is a good dancer, but he is not faring well as a co-host. He reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwait when he tries to play ordinary people. ("Scrooged" comes to mind.)

The usual cheesy audience comments, which I don't buy for a second. Hey, it's the "Bachelor" guys! All right, let's move on. Seriously. Enough talking. Nothing to see here, folks. Let's move.

Two more saves: Helio, Albert.

Backstage chatter with the four safe performers.

Savion Glover performs. A cool dude, so I don't mind that it took a commercial tie-in to get him a showcase on "Dancing." (Hey, let's take a moment to remember Gregory Hines. Just because. And the movie "Tap.")

More Dolly Parton, plugging her new record. Yes, she said record. Hey, I still think of CDs as albums. More lip-synching, apparently. So why wear a mic?

Kenny Mayne attempts comedy. Including a bit to plug "Cavemen."

More safes: Mel B., Cameron.

Judges discuss how darned important this is, with recycled footage from practices.

More safes: Jane, Wayne, Marie, Floyd.

Josie and Mark in the bottom two, based on having the lowest combined total on their respective nights.

Josie's out. Well, good. She stunk out the joint. And she was graceless in defeat.

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