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"Dancing With the Stars" Top 4 Results

By admin Published: May 12, 2009

"DWTS" managed to run for 50 of its 62 minutes without offering a single result, filling with things like "you pick the pro" for next season, a contest which interests me in only one way: Will a professional chosen by the voting public go into the competition with a built-in voter base? But when the results finally came, it was nothing as stunning as last week...

Gilles and Shawn were declared safe first. It was down to Ty and Melissa, though the show made clear that wasn't necessarily the bottom two. And then Ty was sent home, as he should have been. My only beef is that he lasted at least a week longer than she should have. I would have found a final four with Lil' Kim as one with far more possibilities than the Gilles-Shawn-Melissa-Ty competition provided. Oh, well. Next week's season finale should be a wowser.

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