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"Dancing With the Stars" Week 2 Results

By admin Published: October 2, 2007

Comments from telecast in progress, after the jump, with spoiler about the result right after jumping...

(In progress update: Albert is out. Which is a freakin' joke. He was in my top three, well behind Helio and Sabrina, but still better than most of the other dancers. Wayne was the other one in the bottom two, and should have gone home.

(Two thoughts: Albert did not have the fan base of an established performer in a field like sports or acting-- nor, I'm guessing, did he have the PR support a tycoon can get. Second, Wayne has Cheryl Burke, and she's a well-liked regular on the show, and so may have brought some votes his way.)

Post during the show:

Tom and Drew promise a hugely padded show. Well, not exactly, but they might as well as we go into the Monday recap. Helio and Julianne get the encore dance. Still good. Leaderboard includes a five-way tie. Doesn't exactly suggest the judges were nuanced, does it?

Jane Seymour not on the air tonight because of her mother's death. But she is safe, and Jane will be back next week.

Also safe: Helio.

Queen Latifah stops in. Sings "Live Till I Die." She swings. Drew chats with Mark and Wayne, the low scorers. Mark talks about competing for the fans. Wayne gets to deliver a somber message from the cast to Jane. Gee, think Mark was made to look cheesy?

Dubious audience comments, including cavemen.

More safes: Mel, Sabrina.

Award-winning dancers demonstrate the tango (which will be part of next week's show). I would just like to finish this week's show. And I really have a hard time associating the tango with "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon." How about some Astor Piazzolla? All right, probably too much to ask from a show like this. And a producer of the show once explained to me the importance of kitschy musical selections to the show. Still.

Jimmy Kimmel explains how the voting works. I could have gone a whole season without Kimmel segments. And I have lost all respect for the Count from "Sesame Street." (Then again, if Kimmel feels the need to identify him as "The Count from 'Sesame Street' " for the unknowing in the TV audience, maybe the Muppet's career isn't going all that well.)

Safes: Mark. Looking worse for Wayne.

More Latifah. "California Dreamin'." She's cool.

Tape package of the pros talking about the celebs.

Drew chats with Marie and Cameron. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Tape of celebs feeling pressure. More safes: Marie, Floyd.

More safes: Jennie. Wayne is bottom two. Cameron is safe. Albert is bottom two. Len is "absolutely surprised" that Albert is bottom two. Bruno praises Wayne's warmth and personality but says the competition is harder than ever. Carrie Ann asked what the public said; she instead says there are two guys who gave it the best shot, blah blah, no commitment. She's channeling Paula Abdul.

Albert dances with the drumbeat before the announcement. Albert is out. Totally jobbed. I am off to grumble my way to sleep.

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