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"Dancing With the Stars" Week 3

By admin Published: October 8, 2007

Notes after the jump ...

Sabrina and Mark lead off. Jive. Amazing, and Sabrina is wearing killer heels. I said last week that she should go directly to the finals. This is just another demonstration.
Judges: Len impressed except for "some bizarre steps" but calls it their best dance so far. Bruno calls her a "sizmic event," meaning "seismic." (Bergeron corrects him). Says "everything is 110 percent." Carrie Ann says "it's all you." Scores: Straight 9's. If Sabrina had been later in the show, she would have gotten some 10's.

Cameron and Miss Skin (you know, Edyta). Tango. Edyta is doing more work, and is relatively covered. Cameron's OK but looks a bit stiff. Judges: CA notes that tango is passionate but this was "G-rated," but she liked his courage and posture. Len says he has great posture, too, but "it lacked a character." Bruno jumps in to praise Cameron as a "lady-killer." Bruno's kind of overheated. Len insists there was not enough flow. Scores: CA and Bruno, 8; Len, 7.

Mark Cuban and Kym. Jive. Mark's much better. Even has reined in the goofy faces some. But it's not a very challenging routine. Still, he wasn't the worst dancer last week. (That would be Wayne Newton WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT HOME). I suspect he won't be the worst this week either.

Bruno sees improvement but that he lost it as he went along. CA wants him to dance less with his face. Len notes some timing problems but calls it entertaining. Scores: CA, 6; Len and Bruno, 7.

Jennie and Derek. Tango. No passion, but she has some pretty impressive leg movements, especially considering last week's accident. Actual tango-sounding music, too. Big improvement.

Len calls it "sharp and tangy like a pickle," but faults her posture, but likes her acting. CA gives her a standing O and liked the movements. Bruno says she danced "like a fury." CA, 9; Len, 8; Bruno, 9. A little higher than I would have given, and she probably got bonus points for not falling down, but it was a good performance.

Mel B and Maksim. Jive. This is one of the best large-group "Dancing With the Stars" episodes I can remember. Solid dancing; I'd still give Sabrina the edge but there's a lot of fine work tonight.

Bruno calls her "the bouncing bombshell." Len calls it her best dance. CA dittoes. Scores: Straight 9's.

Wayne Newton WHO SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME LAST WEEK and Cheryl Burke. Sporting a cheesy mustache. Wayne, I mean. Tango. Wayne has a feathered hat that by itself should send him home. Coming after Jennie, he looks even worse, leaving pretty much everything of consequence to Cheryl. And he's flat-footed. HOME. NOW. PLEASE. Cheryl does not look happy.

CA says it felt as if Cheryl was leading him at times, but she loved Wayne's look. Bruno also notes that Cheryl was leading, but "we're getting somewhere." Len liked the mood but says the dance disappeared. Scores: Straight 6's.

Floyd and Karina. Jive. Floyd starts with a silver jump rope, training moves that wake up the crowd. Some decent moves, too, though it doesn't seem quite in time with the music. I've thought he was better in past weeks than the judges did, but he was a little off this week.

Len's impressed but thought he trained in the wrong shoes. CA liked the energy but wanted more work on the structure of the dance. Bruno loves his potential, but says Floyd needs to control his feet. Scores: Straight 7's. Looking at the scores for Mark and Cameron, that seems a little low.

Jane Seymour with Tony. Tribute to her dead mother and her love of "Dancing With the Stars." She's dancing for her mom, with the tango dedicated to her. No way she is going home this week. Actual dance isn't much, but Miss Seymour knows how to smolder -- which gives her the passion prize so far.

Bruno says it was a performance worthy of a silent-movie queen. Len also liked. CA calls it a special moment. Let's be real: It wasn't that great, but who's going to dog her in this context? Scores: Straight 9's. Outrageously over-high.

Helio and Julianne. Jive. The tape shows how much he works, and it translates into the dance, where he's making it look easy. The dig-to-China-ish move was a little corny, but he and Sabrina remain the most polished performers out there.

Much examination of his rips and bumps. Judges: CA calls his fun contagious but still sees moments when he crumbles. Bruno calls him a charmer but says he was not as clean technically. Len calls him a sparkling personality but notes some technical problems. Obviously, the judges want to tighten up the standings, give some say to the audience. Scores: Straight 8's. Now, that's jive.

Marie and Jonathan to close. Tango. They've been doing a lot of mugging tonight leading up to their dance, puzzling since they're supposed to be dramatic. Their song's comedic; Marie's treating this as a little musical-comedy bit. The dance is nothing, possibly the worst tango other than Wayne.

Len calls it "marvelous musical interpretation." CA compares it to Lucille Ball, but in a good way. Bruno also praises the acting. But I am getting very tired of her; so often her jokes sound preplanned. Scores: 9's from CA and Bruno, 8 from Len. Which prompted me to scream a certain barnyard epithet.

I'm bagging the recap. Got caught up enough in this to hold off on "Heroes," so I'm headed that way...

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