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Day Brighteners

By admin Published: October 16, 2007

Brooks & Marsh

A bit cloudy outside, but some things have brought sunshine. One was the arrival in the mail of the NINTH edition of The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present, by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh. The directory -- known simply as Brooks & Marsh to its fans -- is an indispensable reference for anyone who does what I do (from writing about TV to answering reader questions). And it has been about four years since the eighth edition. Add it to your holiday shopping (or wanting) list now; it lists for $29.95 in paperback.

The other good news was the official announcement of the release of "Flight of the Conchords" on DVD in a two-disc, $29.98 set. Press release after the jump. ...

Here it is:

Hot off its first, critically-acclaimed season on HBO, Flight of the Conchords arrives in stores from HBO Video on November 6, 2007. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, aka Flight of the Conchords, may be "New Zealand’s 4th most popular folk parody duo," but in the U.S., finding someone who knows their act is about as easy as finding a Kiwi nest in Central Park. To rectify this oversight, the duo moves to New York City's East Village where they spend their time looking for gigs and hot women and dodging their one-and-only obsessive and married fan. Blended into the show is their unique and humorous brand of songs, which they break into at a moments notice.

Called "winningly offbeat" by The Washington Post, "delightfully quirky" by The Boston Herald and "musically spot-on" by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Flight of the Conchords has earned a worldwide cult following through their live performances. First teamed up in 1998, Clement and McKenzie performed briefly under the names Moustache and Vested Interest before becoming Flight of the Conchords, which came from McKenzie’s dream about Concorde airplanes. They were named Best Alternative Comedy Act at the 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, the Best Newcomer at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and were nominated for the Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Flight of the Conchords released the live album Folk the World in 2002, and headlined a six-part BBC Radio 2 series which won a Sony UK Comedy Award. They debuted on HBO in 2005 with their own One Night Stand special.

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