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Dewey Cox Begins Tour

By admin Published: December 6, 2007

John C. Reilly performed songs from "Walk Hard" tonight, staying in character as Dewey Cox both during a brief appearance on a red carpet and in an hour-long, 14-song set. Song list and other notes after the jump ...

Guilty as Charged
(I Hate You) Big Daddy
(Mama) You Got to Love Your Negro Man
Take My Hand
A Life Without You (Is No Life at All)
Let's Duet (with Inara George, musician and the daughter of Lowell George, and Jake Kasdan's girlfriend)
Got My Mojo Working (the lone "cover," and a tribute of sorts to Reilly's roots in Chicago)
Dear Mr. President
Let Me Hold You (Little Man)
Royal Jelly
Walk Hard
Weeping on the Inside
Beautiful Ride

Actors appearing in character can be a tricky thing; I remember a press conference years ago where Paul Reubens, then doing "Pee Wee's Playhouse," answered all questions as Pee Wee Herman. And while the humor in the "Walk Hard" songs is musical and lyrical, some are more fun in the movie because of their visual framing; Dewey's attempt to emulate Bob Dylan is almost as amusing as anything in "I'm Not There."

Reilly and band do cook, though, so the show was somewhat successful both as performance and as comedy, and might have been more so in a theater or on a concert stage, and at an earlier hour.

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