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Disappointments: ''Grey's Anatomy,'' ''Survivor''

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 5, 2006

On ''Grey's,'' I liked the whole dating competition between McDreamy and McVet, and Kate Walsh as Addison is world class. But who couldn't guess that the guy with the seizures was going to seize as soon as he held the baby? And shouldn't someone have looked at the foster kid's abdomen a lot sooner, given how many times she said she had been hit?

Would they really let Izzie wait outside all day and into the night? Even more important, as I have said before, are we all supposed to forget that SHE KILLED A GUY? Institutional memory seems to be failing everyone associated with the series. Nor did I like Bailey being such a softie, and O'Malley's reluctance to have Callie live with him. Considering this guy's history, he should have been delighted to have her move in -- and in the malicious little corner of his heart, he would have liked the idea of having a hot roommate with Meredith just down the hall. So, all in all, not a great episode from a show that made us expect at least momentary greatness.

I was also thinking, before ''Survivor'' began, that it needed to be great or I might not come back in a week. After all, there are multiple options in the time slot. Fresh, engaging options. And ''Survivor'' remains blah -- blah challenges, blah interaction. The wipeout of J.P. at Tribal Council was impressive (especially when the final words showed how thoroughly people had turned on him), especially when he was so astonished about it. But the run-up to that moment was more like a stroll. Next week, I may be watching ''Ugly Betty'' or the NBC comedies in real time, and saving ''Survivor'' for the DVR.

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