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Diver Dan? Yes, Diver Dan

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 29, 2006

For those of you who have not forgotten a single frame of video from your childhood, comes this press release:

­Alpha Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the DVD premiere of the classic O60¹s serial, Diver Dan. The Diver Dan DVD will feature fifteen episodes of this fondly remembered undersea
adventure.  Diver Dan will be available at retail and online outlets on
September 26, 2006 with a SRP of $7.98.

Diver Dan debuted in syndication in 1960 and became a favorite with children across the country.  The stoic hero, Diver Dan, and the lovely mermaid, Miss Minerva, are the only live actors; the rest of the cast who inhabit the Sargasso Sea are fish marionettes including Dan¹s friends, Sea Biscuit,
Finley, Doc Sturgeon and the treacherous villain, Baron Barracuda and his simple-minded sidekick, Trigger. Amazingly, all of the deep-sea puppets (and even Diver Dan, himself!) are voiced by veteran voiceover actor, Allen Swift (''The Howdy Doody Show'').

As Diver Dan¹s theme song states:  ''He protects and he saves his friends under the waves'' and in these episodes Diver Dan thwarts several of Baron Barracuda¹s more nefarious plots which involve a haunted pirate ship, a deadly sea plant, an underground volcano, a stolen pearl and a kidnapped

Although many of the Diver Dan episodes have been lost over the years, this wonderful DVD, painstakingly compiled by Alpha Home Entertainment, offers a generous sampling of this charming black and white series in which heartfelt lessons about honesty, friendship, and the importance of determination are illustrated by humorous characters in a fantastic world beneath the sea. (end announcement)

Based on the description, I don't really remember this show. But it may be that I have to see footage to jog my brain. ''Hilarious House of Frightenstein'' didn't ring any bells, either, until I saw the old episodes on DVD.  Anyone out there recall ''Diver Dan''?

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