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Don, Melanie & Other WB

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 22, 2005

Don Johnson & Melanie Griffith used to be married (rather famously), so it was a surprise to see that each has a new series on The WB this fall. When they had back-to-back press conferences today, a reporter found a way to ask (rather gently) how they felt about being in the same network harness.

''Melanie is working?'' Johnson said.

''That was just a joke,'' he aded. ''Just a joke, OK? Of course I know she's on the network, and I'm delighted for her. We all wish her well, and she'll be terrific. She's a wonderful talent.''

Griffith later said of Johnson, ''I'm really happy for him. I think it's great. I'm even happier for our daughter, because her trust fund is going to really be healthy.''

Griffith also said her current husband, Antonio Banderas, will guest-star on her show, ''Twins.''

As you can see, both played nice with each other. And with reporters. Johnson has been prickly at times with the press, but today he for the most part tried to be pleasant.

That may be partly the result of his carrying a lighter load on his series, ''Just Legal.'' He is only a star on this show, where he was star and executive producer of ''Nash Bridges.''

''On 'Nash Bridges' I made a decision every 15 seconds whether I wanted to or not,'' he said, ''and most of it had nothing to do with the character. ... So that was, like, a struggle for me and I missed the part of just being the actor.''

By the way, when you're checking talk show listings in the months ahead, keep an eye out for Jonathan Shapiro, an executive producer of ''Just Legal.'' He's one of those guys who makes you wish his show was as interesting as he is. Besides writing for television, Shapiro has been a federal prosecutor, a reporter on legal issues, a law professor and a political player in California. ''I was also a contributing editor for The Ring magazine for several years,'' he said, ''and I was also for a period of time one of the worst light heavyweights in history.''

Also today:

-- Lizzy Caplan of the series ''Related'' lists previous TV credits that include ''Tru Calling'' and ''The Pitts,'' two shows that had short, unhappy runs on Fox. Asked why she would ever take another series after that, Caplan said, ''It's a new network, so I'm hoping that maybe they'll be a little nicer over here. ... I'm actually excited. It's very strange to get a show picked up for the fall and have the network behind you. That's never happened to me before.''

-- Jared Padalecki, known mainly as Dean on ''Gilmore Girls,'' has a new series on The WB, ''Supernatural.'' Since the show is meant to be scary, I asked co-stars Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at a press conference what scared them.

Padalecki looked out at the roomful of reporters and said, ''These.''

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