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"Drive": Maybe One More

By admin Published: April 15, 2007

About tonight's two-hour premiere, after the jump ...

I didn't get around to a preview of tonight's two-hour telecast until Saturday, and more's the pity. I might have gotten a column item out of Wendy being from Cuyahoga Falls. But the bride and I were just intrigued enough that we might check out Monday's hour as well, though more out of curiosity than a deep fascination.

In fact, I wish the series had been made a decade or two ago, when networks more often trafficked in four-hour movies and miniseries. Because I'm already feeling tbat "Drive" should not be open-ended in a way that allows for dozens of episodes in season after season. Six hours feels about right, although there was enough rambling in the first two that it might have been made into a kickin' four.

Then again, I am probably not the right guy for this show in part because I tend to lose patience with such adrenalized fare. Oh, I bring some appropriate touchstones -- not "Cannonball Run," for heaven's sake, but "Death Race 2000" and some faint memories of "Gumball Rally' -- and those years in TV when a cool car was a substitute for plot and character. (If you're thinking "Starsky & Hutch," you know what I mean.) But I usually wander away from "24" and "Prison Break" well before the end of a season, and my vow to catch up on DVD is ever more wobbly.

So there were things I liked in those first two hours. Some of the car scenes (although they take on a sameness eventually). The Joss Whedon alumni. The use of actors like Paul Ben-Victor in seemingly minor roles to keep you off balance -- because you're thinking, I've seen this person before and they can't be in this role unless they're plahing a bigger part in the whole scheme. But I'm still only mildly intrigued. And not ready to wait patiently through more car scenes if they move too slowly toward revelations.

So let's see where we are after Monday.

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