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Dumbledore Outing Affects Other Fictional Characters

By admin Published: October 24, 2007

Richard Harris

Well, anything I might have (finally) said about "Deathly Hallows" has been superseded by J.K. Rowling's recent declaration that Albus Dumbledore was gay. The result has been a lot of jokes, and a bunch of stereotyping ...

The outing of Dumbledore prompted Radar online to do a list of other supected gay childhood icons, among them Ramona Quimby, Willy Wonka and the Grinch. (Adult content.)

New York magazine took off on the same idea (and then had to note that Radar got there first). New York outed Fozzie Bear, Lilith on "Cheers" and Mr. Spock, among others.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times offered "Potter" text clues that Dumbledore was gay.

As for the stereotyping, for crying out loud, it's everywhere. The LA Times's expert says one clue is that Dumbledore's pet is "flaming." New York cites the Flash as "both light in the loafers and flaming," and calls Lilith a "butch cliche." Radar goes after Ramona for "The severe bowl cut. The tomboy tendencies. The platonic friendship with neighbor boy Howie Kemp that, curiously, never once ended in a game of doctor."

More amusing is Andy Borowitz's latest online Borowitz Report, which tackles the topic this way:

President George W. Bush told the nation that he would seek a ban on fictitious gay weddings.

In a nationally televised address last night, Mr. Bush said that he devote the rest of his term in office to obtaining a constitutional amendment banning marriage between fictitious gay characters.

"In order to protect the sanctity of marriage in the real world, we must first protect the sanctity of marriage in fiction," Mr. Bush said. "This is the most pressing goal of my Administration – even more important than bombing Iran."

(See the complete column at his site.)

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