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"DWTS" Notes

By admin Published: April 25, 2011

Hanson, guilty pleasures, bleeps, Carrie Ann pushing for Kirstie, and what-not.
Also, you may want to take a look at this story. Some plausible accusations but alos a lot of sour grapes.

Show comments after the jump.

Aging but still catchy Hanson performs. Wonder how they feel about being on "guilty pleasures" night.

Kirstie leads off, samba to Britney's "Hit Me Baby One More Time." Kirstie wants 9s. But first, Hanson sings a snippet of Lionel's "Hello." Then the dance: Better than she has been at times, but out of step in places, clumsy on some spins, messes up a move onto the stage. Not a 9 in my book. But the judges have done weird things. And it's Len's birthday. And he thinks she has lived up to her potential. Bruno also impressed. Carrie Ann says she's back -- and CA wants to see her in the finals. So much for unbiased judging the rest of the way. (Reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez not wanting to vote off a woman.) 8 from CA, 9s from Len and Bruno. 26. Ridiculous.

Chris. Tango. Song is "Don't Stop Believin'." Guilty? Really? Lots of posing in the early part of the dance. Very slow, and it looks as if Chris is having trouble doing the moves comfortably. Very odd. Bruno thinks he was like a lump of granite, and this is an off night for him. CA thinks Bruno is too harsh but she tends to agree -- thinks Chris lost a sense of fun, wasn't exciting. Len says tango is not a fun dance and the other judges are having an off night; liked technique but thought it lacked intensity. 7s from CA and Bruno, 8 from Len. 22. That was the lowest score for any dancer a week ago.

Hanson does "Achy Breaky Heart." Yee haw. They're certainly offering an impressive audition for any Ramada lounge.

Romeo, waltz, "My Heart Will Go On." And, again, millions of viewers are asking, why is that a guilty pleasure? Chelsie wants to get a 10. Nice looking in some ways, but he's a bit flat-footed. And some of the moves are a tad awkward. Little stumble near the end. OK but no goosebumps. If they get a 10, though, all the other contestants should file requests for scores in advance, since the judges are being cooperative. CA thinks it was magical. Len thinks it had romance about it, and commends Romeo. Bruno says he achieved a new level of poise and finesse. But, like Len, asks for more attention to his frame. Robobrooke asks about the kiss at the end; much seeming denial. 10 from CA, first 10 of season; 9s from the other two. 28 total, and definitely time for the other contestants to ask for scores they'd like.

Hanson doing "Ice Ice Baby." And the crowd yells "Free Bird"!! I wish.

Chelsea. Mark hurt during rehearsal. "Walking on Sunshine." Quick step. They are so polished. Great steps. Best dance so far tonight. But the judges are always suspect. Len liked high energy with control, but saw liberties taken in the footwork. Bruno loved the zest, variations and runs, but thought they lost balance in the corner. CA says magic has happened again. Will score reflect? Robobrooke says "what people don't know" is that Mark had an accident in dress rehearsal -- EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT ALREADY. Before a commercial. Does she even listen to the show? Taped replay of the injury. Scores: 10 from CA, 9s from L & B. 28.

Kendra. Somewhere Lynne Sherwin is gnashing her teeth. Samba. Louis refers to K's boobs as part of "what God gave you." K says they're not. Anyone surprised? Anyone? Bueller? K says she is going to shake her way to the top of the leaderboard. Hear that, judges? "La Vida Loca." One of her better dances, and she does shake everything God and man gave her. But she can still be awkward, and it's not on a par with Chelsea. To me. But she gets up on the judges' table so Len can definitely see what God gave her. Judges awestruck. Carrie Ann also says she "saw a lot of information." Scores: 8s from CA and Len, 9 from Bruno. 25. Absurd, but keeps things competitive, doesn't it?

Oh, and we see the Elton John "I'm Still Standing" video with a young Bruno in it. Amusing.

Hines. Waltz. "End of the Road." Mostly very smooth, but self-consciously off here and there, and a place where he put out his hand too soon. Len calls him "the most valued partner" but flat-footed. Bruno calls it pure pleasure. CA sensed he was thinking too much. Straight 9s, total 27.

Leaving Ralph. They're making much of his fall down the leaderboard in recent weeks w/out -- of course -- noting that the judges have dogged him.

Hanson, "Cum On Feel the Noize."

Ralph. Pasodoble. Plan is to include some "Karate Kid" moves. "Everybody Dance Now." One of his clunkier dances, and Karina falls. Better moves in the latter stages, and for the most part the judges have been throwing softballs in the scores. Bruno started to feel the fire. CA says Mr. Miyagi would be very proud. Len congratulates Ralph for pulling Karina up and getting back into the dance. After a break, a video replay showing Karina getting caught on Ralph's big coat. Score: Triple 8s, 24 total. Karina praises Ralph for getting her back in the dance; Brooke cuts her off to get to the recap.

And that's a wrap.

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