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"DWTS" Notes

By admin Published: May 24, 2011

Not much to say about last night's show -- interrupted for weather updates (at least one of which went far longer than the available information required), but with all the dances still shown. The performances were less than fabulous, but my order of preference -- Chelsea first, Hines second, Kirstie third -- was not changed by the dances. But the scores were close enough -- 59s for Chelsea and Hines, 54 for Kirstie -- that the audience would believe it has a say in determining the winner. Although, as always, the judges will have the last word with tonight's judged performances.

The show has managed to have a final where each contestant is aimed at a specific constituency: Chelsea at younger viewers and people who like unconventional dances; Hines much more tradition-minded in his style, and Kirstie pushing the "journey." Indeed, it struck me that the most blatant bit of favoritism last night was robo-Brooke asking Kirstie how it felt to be compared to a dancer born in 1988 (Chelsea); what a pitch to the older members of the audience.

Still, as much as I have pondered the show this season, it's not been the greatest bunch of dancers, and I doubt anyone will be seen as among "DWTS's" best.

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