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"DWTS" Results!

By admin Published: November 17, 2009

I yelled happily when it was announced ...

that Joanna was going home and Kelly was staying. It was not a result I expected -- I thought Donny might go -- and we still don't know what the votes looked like, since the show said Kelly/Joanna was not necessarily the bottom two.

Not for a second will I claim Kelly was a better dancer than Joanna, although I might argue that -- this week -- she was better than Donny. But Kelly has proven a much better "journey" for the show, improving by, uh, leaps and bounds over the course of the program. She seems genuinely grateful for kind words from the judges and votes from the public. She has been, pure and simple (or, pure and simple and tattooed), a sweetheart and people have come to like her. (As I said before, I have met her and liked her long before this.)

And I have not liked Joanna, or Joanna & Derek, who have seemed arrogant and showy, and appeared to be getting a free ride from the judges at times -- favorable comments for posing instead of dancing, reprising predictable moves and being praised for it. And, as Lynne and I discussed in last week's video, this is also a popularity contest. And the only way I would have complained about Kelly surviving would have been if Mya had been voted off. Because Mya is a better dancer, AND I like her.

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