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"DWTS": The Great Divide

By admin Published: May 3, 2011

Another odd night from the judges on Monday, and a clear indication that there were two classes of dancers on that night ...

The judges' scores broke the group of six into two three-person units. Hines, Ralph and Chelsea were the superior one, with scores of 66 (Hines, Ralph) and 64 (Chelsea). The other consisted of Kendra, Kirstie and Romeo (61 for Kendra, 60 each for the othet two).

The scores consisted of marks from the four judges -- with Donnie Burns sitting in as a guest fourth-judge -- and the scores from the group dances; the group-dance scores turned out to be 30 for each member of both teams, ths nullifying the importance of the dances, and making it seem even more that they were just another way of filling a two-hour show.

There were some bizarre judging decisions. Kirstie, scary and less than inspiring received an incomprehensible 9 from Donnie (who also gave Ralph a not-deserved 10, who was good but not that good). And Romeo, though not at his best, was certainly better than his score indicated -- especially when you consider who else is in that low-scoring group. Could it just be that no one else wanted to party in his pants?

I can't say much about the group dances because my DVR malfunctioned and I did not see the second one. The first, with Ralph, Romeo and Chelsea, was pretty well done.

Still, if I am sending someone home, it's either Kendra or Kirstie, neither of whom gives any indication of being able to perform on the level of the other four. I'd worry about Romeo just because the judges scored him so low, but it would be very disappointing to see him go and those other two stay. But the show seems to be fond of both those women -- Carrie Ann dropped a dreaded "journey" reference on Kendra, and there's this ongoing suggestion that Kirstie is likable (which I just don't see), not to mention that she got to cry on camera. That went against expectations, since it was thought that Kirstie and Maks would battle -- and I'm skeptical of how sensitive she acted.

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