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"Earl," "Grey's," more "Office," "Survivor"

By admin Published: May 11, 2007

All after the jump ...

Even with a piece missing from the end, that was a terrific episode of "The Office." Pam's monologue was splendid. Andy floating is still making me laugh. But my favorite thing was probably Creed with the fish.

Good "Earl," too. Cute couple of the week: Jason Lee and Marlee Matlin. Very nice work by Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples. And the ending set up a third season where Earl may get back to being a more flawed character than he has been this year. Wouldn't you expect some considerable bitterness that his good deed landed him in jail? The list may go on, but I suspect Earl is going be creating some new items for it in the fall.

"Grey's" was better than last week if only because it wasn't shoehorning in the Addison pilot. But it was also blah in a lot of ways, and the multiple-jeopardy ending was a real case of trying too hard. And I was expecting there to be a cannibalism element in the frostbite subplot, so the head shot at episode's end was a letdown.

On the other hand, "Grey's" covers a lot of flaws just by the caliber of actors that are around. James Pickens Jr., as the Chief, plays every note right. And Jeff Perry, playing Meredith's Dad, managed to do drunk, enraged and miserable simultaneously, and do them all well. And look at Isaiah Washington's face in the bar; whatever his off-camera issues have been, he's good at his work.

Still, I am sick of Izzie, especially in the context of George-Izzie-Callie. And Izzie's attempt to brush off George was way too reminiscent of McSteamy's pre-emptive brush-off of Addison. The Alex and Amnesia Girl story has dragged on way too long.

I've been in and out of "Survivor Fiji," but I gave it a full shot last night and marveled once again at the way people overthink things. Yau's enlisting of Dreamz had disaster written all over it -- the bride and I were both saying that Dreamz would try to take Yau out before he had to keep his part of the car bargain -- and was a big example of not trying to be too smart. Indeed, if Yau hadn't made the deal with Dreamz, he might not have had to use his immunity idol this go-round.

That said, Yau was smart enough to believe the "bad vibes" he felt -- and used the idol to save himself. But what's his option next week? Lots of pressure to win immunity, since he knows there were four votes to oust him. Otherwise, he may have to hope that Earl will protect him -- but Earl should also be thinking about protecting himself. Working for him, though, is that Dreamz's scheme failed spectacularly.

For all that, I'm still not all that excited by "Fiji." There has been some good stuff, and I really like the way Yau has played, but I'm not feeling passionately against anyone at this point.

One more note: I am really feeling some season-ender fatigue, and a staggering indifference to the networks' new-season announcements next week. Am ready for shows to wrap up, and looking forward to a summer where I can try to do some catching up, especially on "Heroes," "Jericho" and "The Shield."

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