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Emmys, Saturday Notes (With More About ''Nip/Tuck's'' Nod to Akron)

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 27, 2006

Not sure how much of the Emmys I will watch tonight, since my teeth are ground down enough as it is. But if you're planning to tune in, check out my column in today's Beacon Journal on five things you should know before watching. (I just heard from a blog reader who noted I had an error in the link. I have now fixed it.)

The most interesting piece of video I saw yesterday was on a surveillance tape at a local shoe store. The bride and I stopped in for -- what else? -- shoes.

When we came out, we discovered someone had backed into our parked car. Fortunately, the store had a camera aimed at that part of the lot, and the store manager went through it to find the footage of our car being hit.

It was one thing to see the damage (along with the chunks of red plastic from the taillight on the car that hit us). It was another to watch a car back into ours -- and see how our car rocked when hit -- then pull forward, with a passenger getting out and checking the other car's taillight with barely a glance at our car. Then the passenger got  back in so the hitting car could zoom off -- just as we were approaching our car. Lovely world we live in.

Another TV-but-not-exactly-TV moment came when a guy from the cable company stopped by the house, wanting us to add digital phone service through the company. The bride was at work at the time, so I wasn't about to make a decision before talking to her. But when we did talk, we had equivalent levels of reluctance. It's not just that we've heard bad things about the phone service, either. It's the idea of having yet another thing coming from the same service provider -- we already get TV and broadband internet through the cable company. It's bad enough now when the cable goes out and we lose both TV and computer capability; adding the phone to that risk just doesn't feel like a good idea. As nice as the vision of an interconnected world can sound, it's not so nice when you think of all the things you could lose from one breakdown.

Regular viewing, between chores: bits of the Indians and Browns, golf from Firestone, ''High School Musical,'' which the bride had never seen. Still a cute movie. And some more new episode of ''Nip/Tuck.'' Local folks will want to pay extra attention to the Sept. 19 episode, which includes a character from Akron.

Jennifer Hall, who did good work on ''Unscripted,'' plays the character, a woman getting her nursing degree in Miami after moving from Ohio. At least, she says she's from Ohio. This is, after all, ''Nip/Tuck,'' where everyone has issues, agendas, worries and secrets. She also has body-image concerns -- also like just about everyone on ''Nip/Tuck.'' The notion of going from Akron to Miami is presented as painful.

''You're a very attractive girl,'' Sean says, trying to be reassuring.

''For Akron,'' she replies.

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