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End 1st Quarter to Seattle Interception

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

Jay Mohr, Pepsi can, Jackie Chan. Stunt can gets crushed -- much the way the big foot crushed that guy in the FedEx ad. Trend alert!

I am trying to think of Rolling Stones songs (they're doing three) that are suitable for a football game. Dipping into the CD rack. ''Start Me Up'' has been overused, and the game is long since in progress. ''Let It Bleed.'' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want.''

Inspired: The shaven-animal ''streaker'' in the Budweiser commercial.

More homage to Jerome Bettis. Great player. But I'm tired of hearing about him and his possible retirement. I know that the people televising a game want it to have a narrative thread, and they've seized on Bettis as one here. (Others: Seahawks as Super Bowl rookies, Cowher's lack of a Super Bowl win.) But when you've heard it and read it and heard it and read it, the story line ceases to feel important. It's like reading a book to your kid every night. The kid may not be tired of it, but aren't you?

Trend alert! More NFl and Dr. Seuss -- in a United Way spot.

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