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''Entourage'' (Updated)

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 14, 2006

Nice episode last night. (I actually watched it this morning. Last night's video relaxation -- after a day of chores -- was ''Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,'' which started well and became less and less entertaining as it went along. But at least we actually managed to finish our latest stack of Netflix picks without needing two months to do it.) I like Martin Landau anyway, and he was fun as aging producer Bob Ryan. And what at first looked like a change-of-pace episode ended up taking us back to a lot of things: that Turtle is still small-time, that Vince is still a big celebrity, and that this is still about the arc of a career.

One thing, though, that both drew me deeper into the episode and took me out of it, was Ryan's house. I kept thinking it was Robert Evans's place -- Evans being the legendary movie producer whose era was the same as the fictional Ryan's. I was in that house some years ago when Evans was doing a show for Comedy Central, and it's still an amazing memory, walls and shelves full of Hollywood history. It took me out of the show because I kept wondering if it was indeed Evans's house (and I haven't had a chance to pin that down yet). It took me deeper because it so reminded me of Evans's place that it made Ryan seem even more real.

Update: Although HBO never answered my direct question about the house, according to the New York Daily News, that was indeed Evans's house -- and Evans was not pleased with the result. See the column here.

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