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Fan Mail From Some Flounder

By admin Published: December 11, 2008

For those of you who read, the "Mailbag Story" post below, here's the sequel ...

Mr. I Don't Read Newspapers has sent another e-mail. Before I quote it, I should provide the original Q&A (his Q, my A -- and save the jokes) from the mailbag:

Q: I watched the last nine minutes of ''Shane'' recently and may have found an inconsistency in the last scene. Are you aware that an inconsistency at the end of Shane exists?

A: Although the Alan Ladd Western is justifiably considered a classic, the Internet Movie Database notes several errors. Among them: that Shane obviously misses the third man in the big shootout, and that Shane appears to have entered the store, only to be shown outside it again. You can find a longer list at

I thought that was a reasonable answer. You may disagree. Mr. IDRN sure did. His latest note:

Mr.Heldenfels: Your answer was absolutely valueless. I am aware of how to refer me to someone else. Your answer was typical of the kind of response given by liberal, useless and passe newspapers and one of the reasons I and many others do not read them anymore. The sooner The Akron Beacon Journal is out of business, the better for our region and our country.

Some fun, eh?

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