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Feeling Lazy?

By admin Published: October 31, 2007

It's getting toward time to start compiling the annual weird Christmas songs list. But I'm feeling lazy. And so, apparently, is singer Ana Egge, above. And that leads to a contemplation of lazy songs, after the jump. ...

This was in the Wednesday morning e-mail:

Grace/Parkingsong Records announces the release of Ana Egge’s Lazy Days, an ambitious collection of “lazy” cover tunes, on November 13th. What started as an inspired daydreaming alternative to writing songs, took on a life of its own with Ana’s fifth solo release.

Lazy Days consists of Ana’s take on ten relatively obscure tunes from a well known group of artists, tied together through the theme-weaving thread of laziness. With songs from Gene Autry to Le Tigre, Egge rediscovers some lesser known gems. A laid back labor, the CD was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX with guest appearances from musicians Anton Fier (Lounge Lizards, Golden Palominos), Tony Scherr (Lounge Lizards, Willie Nelson),Jane Scarpantoni (REM, Lou Reed) and Jason Mercer (Ron Sexsmith, Ani Difranco).



1) Sitting In The Midday Sun (The Kinks)

2) Johnny’s Garden (Stephen Stills)

3) In The Backseat ( Arcade Fire)

4) It’s My Lazy Day (Gene Autry)

5) Wastin’ Time (Ron Sexsmith)

6) Summer Wastin’ (Belle and Sebastian)

7) Crazy Lady Blues (Sandy Denny)

8) I Could Spend The Day (Zombies)

9) Much Finer (Le Tigre)

10) Wastin’ My Time (Harry Nillson)

I've been pondering other songs she could have done: Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon," Small Faces' "Lazy Sunday," Spanky and Our Gang's "Lazy Day." (I also saw ancient video of all three on YouTube, if you need a memory refresher.) I could probably think of more, but I told you that I'm feeling lazy. Any thoughts from all of you?

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