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By RD Heldenfels Published: July 20, 2006

Yesterday wound up with ABC's party with the stars, and I had a pretty useful time. Talked to ''Lost's'' Carlton Cuse for a column running tomorrow. (Highlights: the monster and polar bear are back, there will be romance -- though not, as far as I know, between the monster and polar bear -- new characters, a less grim tone and much to be learned about the Others). And to Thomas Kean of 9/11 commission fame, who is a consultant to ABC's ''Path to 9/11'' movie. And to James Pickens Jr. of ''Grey's Anatomy,'' a local guy I always like to catch up with.

After that gathering, it was back to the hotel to transcribe some recording, refresh my brain and -- because I couldn't resist -- watch the fourth-season premiere of ''Nip/Tuck.'' The season begins on Sept. 5, but there's a press conference about the show on Tuesday, so we got a sneak peek. The premiere alone includes Larry Hagman and Kathleen Turner as guest stars, as well as Brooke Shields in a capacity you've probably never seen before in her career. Such a frightening, creepy show; wait until you see what Hagman is up to.

Today it's out into the world -- or into another part of the TV world, including a visit to the set of ''Grey's Anatomy.'' In today's Beacon Journal, you can find the latest installment of the TV mailbag, a combo column on ''Gilmore Girls'' and ''Grey's Anatomy'' and my recap of the Charles Gibson press conference yesterday.

More much later.

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