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''Fight Girls''

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 11, 2006

Right now I am sitting in a meeting room while Oxygen shows a clip from *li Fight Girls, *lf of a new documentary series about women doing Muay Thai fighting. (Mauy Thai apparently translates as ''Thai Boxing,'' but it's more than that, with a lot of martial arts moves.) A live demonstration is also promised.

''I love this sport,'' says one fighter, while two other women show their moves with the Muay Thai expert Master Toddy. The name makes me think of some Richie Rich in knee pants, but I'm not going to tell him that.

This is not a big room and the smack of fists and feet against pads sound pretty scary. My ribs are sore just from listening. And we're being told that the temperature in the ring in Thailand gets to 110 degrees, so these are tough folks.

Now they're talking about it being a mental sport -- although it's also one where the best strategy is to knock out your opponent before you get knocked out. After one of those punches I just heard, I would probably just roll up in a ball and beg for mercy. (A colleague, asking the fighters a question, promises up front that it will be a friendly one.)

Someone asks about the dating life for women who can beat the daylights out of many men. The answer: They date their trainers.

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