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Final Oscar Notes

By admin Published: February 28, 2011

Have filed my final story for tomorrow's print editions. Look for me talking Oscars tomorrow at 5:45 and 6:45 a.m. on WEWS. I will try to avoid any f-bombs.

I did not think this was the worst Oscar telecast ever, but it was certainly leaden. It actually ran a bit shorter than some other recent telecasts but felt longer, and that's even with me skipping a fair stretch because I had to file.

As hard as James Franco and Anne Hathaway tried -- especially Hathaway -- the material was woeful. Franco had said in a pre-show interview about how preparation was going that "we'll see," a comment that made me think uh-oh. And he looked less and less pleased as the ceremonies went on. Probably wondering how long it will take to live down the Marilyn dress.

The awards were predictable but, to my view, incorrect. Nor did they do Hollywood a lot of long-term good, since they gave the impression once again that an old guard of Brit-loving, inspiration-needing, obviousness-loving folks rules the industry. My wife works with college students; they talked about "Social Network," not "The King's Speech."

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