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Five "Duck Dynasty" what-ifs

By Rich Heldenfels Published: December 20, 2013

The controversy over Phil Robertson and "Duck Dynasty" goes on. Here are my five questions:

1. What if Phil Robertson had expressed his anti-gay opinions without referring to bestiality, anuses or vaginas? Would A&E still have suspended him?

2. What if A&E had simply said that Robertson’s view of homosexuality was well known, but language like he used in the interview would never be part of “Duck Dynasty"? Would that have mollified anyone?

3. What if a liberal celebrity was in trouble for discussingf conservatives in anatomical terms? Then  what would Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal  and Ted Cruz say about that commentator’s right to free speech? (Ask  Martin Bashir how this might work.)

4. What if Phil had not talked about homosexuality but still made his racial comments? What would the outcry be then?

5.  What if the Robertsons had stopped their statement with the concession that Phil had been “coarse” and simply let him take a timeout?

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