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For Fans of ''The Closer''

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 2, 2006

This arrived from TNT today:

Cable's top sensation is heading before cameras once again on Feb. 27, when TNT's THE CLOSER begins production on its second dramatically charged season.  In just its first year on the air, the series earned star Kyra Sedgwick (Something To Talk About, Loverboy, TNT's Door to
Door) both Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations,
while also ranking as cable's #1 new series of 2005.  TNT is currently
in the midst of airing an encore of the first season, which is scoring
extremely high ratings, this week delivering 5.2 million viewers and
outperforming the original telecast of the episode, as well as series'
premiere average, among targeted adult demos.
Production for the second season in Los Angeles will also feature the
return of the entire SAG Award(tm)-nominated ensemble cast, including
Sedgwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson; Jon Tenney (You Can
Count on Me, Get Real) as FBI Agent Fritz Howard, Brenda's love interest
who also sometimes works with her on investigations; J.K. Simmons
(Spider-Man, Law & Order, Oz) as Brenda's boss, Assistant Police Chief
Will Pope, with whom she once had an affair; Corey Reynolds (The
Terminal, Tony nominee for Hairspray) as Sgt. David Gabriel, Brenda's
right-hand man; Robert Gossett (Arlington Road, The Net) as Commander
Taylor, head of the robbery homicide division and a frequent thorn in
Brenda's side; G.W. Bailey (M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, Police Academy) as
quick-witted veteran Detective Lt. Provenza; Tony Denison (Melrose
Place, The Amy Fisher Story) as disgruntled Detective Andy Flynn;
Michael Paul Chan (Robbery Homicide Division, The Insider) as
technology-minded Detective Mike Tao; Raymond Cruz (Collateral Damage,
Training Day) as Detective Julio Sanchez; and Gina Ravera (The
Temptations, Soul Food) as Detective Irene Daniels.

THE CLOSER follows the ever-challenging world of Chief Detective Brenda
Johnson (Sedgwick), a transplant from Atlanta who is now working for the
Priority Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Her
position on this elite detective squad, which handles high-profile cases
of a sensitive nature, is one a tenuous balancing act.  She faces
sometimes-antagonistic roadblocks, even from her own peers within the
department, and must manage a team that is only now to the point of
accepting her unconventional style and giving her the benefit of the
doubt.  Meanwhile, she finds herself trying to keep her head above water
in the rushing mayhem of Los Angeles, finding comfort in her beau, FBI
Agent Fritz Howard (Tenney), or sometimes in a package of snack cakes.
But Brenda's primary focus is her job.  She has an impeccable talent for
knowing a person's secrets and obtaining confessions, with skills that
stem from understanding her own quirks, imperfections and neuroses.  No
matter the personal costs, she does whatever it takes to find out the
truth, even if it means alienating others in her squad.

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