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Fourth Quarter

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

History kind of repeats, doesn't it? Each quarterback has a key drive going, and each gets intercepted. ''The ebb and flow of this one -- wow,'' says Michaels. Ebb and flow, but not much scoring. Ebb and flow, but the kind where the highlight reel consists of offensive miscues. I prefer the ebb and flow where one team grinds out a touchdown, and the other team responds in kind, back and forth in a way that makes every down feel like a game-winner.

Yes, like that trick play Pittsburgh just pulled. Now, do we get the Cowher-by-11 graphic?

Haven't seen a really good commercial in some time. Well, that ''MacGyver''/MasterCard spot was all right.

Al Michaels must love challenges. He always gets so excited at the possibility -- pretty much recommending that a call be challenged.

Honda commercial with ''Down Home Girl'' as the background music. The Stones recorded that song, by the way, for their ''Now'' album. One of my favorites. Also notorious for producer Andrew Loog Oldham's liner notes, advising people to buy the album: ''If you don't have bread, see that blind man knock him on the head, steal his wallet and ... you have the loot. If you put in the boot, good, another one sold!''

Imagine a similar pitch to young people wanting Super Bowl tickets...

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