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Friday At Last, And Lingering

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 3, 2006

Tonight the bride and I finally caught up with the most recent episodes of ''Survivor'' and ''Gilmore Girls,'' with the latter particularly weak. This morning I watched last night's ''My Name Is Earl'' and ''The Office,'' both of which are going along quite splendidly.

During the day, I talked to Heather Cox -- twice. Once was a one-on-one because she is, or was, My Very Own Local Connection on ''Idol'' -- and because the ''Idol'' publicists have long been great about helping with local angles, and just about everything else. I got a decent story out of our talk, and was reminded that Heather's personality never quite came out on the show; she's a lot more fun than ''Idol'' really let on. Although she talks about modeling and commercials and singing, I could also see her as a co-host on a morning talk show, knocking the stuffiness out of an older male host.

The second time we talked was during a conference call, one of four with each of the ousted contestants. I had already filed a story from my earlier interview (and will post a link tomorrow) but wanted to hear if she said anything newly newsworthy. I didn't hear anything that made me want to do a rewrite, but there were some nice nuggets -- she and Brenna became good friends, and Heather called Kevin ''Chicken Little,'' which is a really good physical description of him.

Before Heather, I also squeezed in another interview, with Tom Courtad, a former local guy who is on ''Pros Vs Joes,'' a reality series premiering Monday night on Spike TV. Interesting talk, and there should be a story in Sunday's Beacon Journal. (I'll post a link on that, too.)

It was, in sum, not a bad day. But the best part was being at home with the family, relaxing, eating pizza, watching ''Survivor'' and ''Gilmore.''

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